Royal Sun Elite
From 57 500 £
Royal Sun Elite — a new large-scale residential complex of luxury, located in district of Iskele Northern Cyprus, which allows residents to be just 2 minutes from all city infrastructure best beaches in long beach. Before Famagusta city  a 10— minute drive away.

Royal Sun Elite includes 1,122 properties: comfortable apartments with balconies and terraces (including luxury penthouses), townhouses with private gardens. The complex has 10 different types of houses ranging in height from 3 to 16 floors. Each property in this complex has a stunning view of the sea or mountains.
From 51 to 126 m²
Iskele, Northern Cyprus
1500 meters
Distance to the sea:
The entire ecosystem inside the complex
Dedicated parking spaces
Bedrooms with fitted wardrobes
Ceramic tiles on the floor and in bathrooms
Electric water heater
Kitchen with built-in headset
Backup sources of water and electricity
Room finishing materials — at the buyer's choice
Restaurants and bars
Mini Water Park
Tennis court
Sports facilities
SPA and sauna
Extensive green area
Pedestrian and bicycle paths
Iskele is a synonym for a great holiday and the most beautiful sea sunsets! The Cypriots themselves jokingly call the city the future of Miami and there is some truth in this. 10 years ago there was nothing here but a small village. And now it is a new modern area, which is actively being built up with resort-type complexes.

  • The population of is 21,978 people.
  • Famagusta is 24.5km away.
  • Ercan Airport is 64.9km away.
  • Larnaca Airport is 89.5km away.

The coastline of Iskele stretches for 25 km. Here is the coast of Long Beach with some of the most beautiful beaches of the island. A gentle entrance to the sea, golden sand, developed service and entertainment infrastructure — what else is needed for a full rest and life?!

The surroundings of the city are famous for a large number of attractions. Here is the ancient city of Salamis, which was once the largest among all the Hellenic cities. There were a gymnasium, Roman baths, a marble pool, antique columns and sculptures, an ancient amphitheater with excellent acoustics, which could accommodate up to 1,500 spectators and has been perfectly preserved to the present day.

Between Engomi and Salamis is the monastery of St. Barnabas. This is one of the places of Christian pilgrimage on the island of Cyprus. Now it is an inactive religious object, but a museum has been opened here, where you can get acquainted with a collection of icons and other ancient artifacts.

Today Iskele has become a fashionable resort in Northern Cyprus thanks to the rapid construction of residential complexes along the seashore. The coast of Long Beach is gaining new advantages every year: These are fitness zones with outdoor playgrounds, and a well-maintained beach with umbrellas, sun loungers, bars and restaurants. Apartments in Iskel are in high demand for buying and renting.
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